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Post-Op Day 4

Fell asleep at midnight. Woke up at 5:15a.m. And took my Norco. I fell back asleep by 6, and I didn’t wake up until 11:30. That is the most sleep I’ve gotten in about a month, and it …

Snuggle piles are the best 😍 #cleverfamily #clevercolette #wjlacour #elizapugilton

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I have donated to @projectk9hero and K9 Hero Haven. #invinciblenelson and #elizapugilton are proud of their cousins who serve and have served. Please look up these organizations and share about the work they do for our human and dog veterans. **photos from organizations’ websites

When your puggy puppy climbs in your lap and makes herself comfortable 😍💞#elizapugilton

After making a mess, #elizapugilton took #mynelsonboy’s advice, so she is snoozing and snoring away!

#elizapugilton couldn’t believe that #mynelson boy rolled over on his back for her. He continued to play that way with her for another 5minutes!

My Nelson Boy has been teaching Eliza the finer points of chilling out and relaxing. Today she reminded him how fun it can be to play, and my 13yr old pug got on the floor and played with her for 10min!! #elizapugilton #mynelsonboy

Just some adorableness for your day. #elizapugilton

I have an angel, or maybe devil, on my shoulder. #elizapugilton

#elizapugilton #oldmanwinston #invinciblenelson dogs that have made permanent paw prints in my heart. Happy National Dog Day!