Post-Op Day 4

Fell asleep at midnight. Woke up at 5:15a.m. And took my Norco. I fell back asleep by 6, and I didn’t wake up until 11:30. That is the most sleep I’ve gotten in about a month, and it felt good!

Almost immediately, I decided I needed a shower. I did pretty well. I was impressed that I didn’t need much help. But then…a wave of dizziness and nausea overwhelmed me. Thankfully Colette was in the room, and she helped me sit down. Jonathan came in to turn off the water and help me back to bed. I had to sit on the edge of the bathtub for a bit and breathe deeply and pray that I wouldn’t vomit. The idea of heaving this close to surgery felt frightening. I did not want to feel that pain. It feels bad enough to cough or laugh. Thankfully I made it back to bed and within just a few minutes the nausea had passed.

Food for today wasn’t very exciting but I wasn’t unsatisfied. I had a bagel with butter, a cup of decaf Earl grey tea for 12pm breakfast. Then a bit later I had some club crackers and cheese along with a Boost nutrition shake. Jonathan also made me some decaf iced tea. For dinner I had some Texas toast and a large cup of ice. I tried to eat a pudding cup, but that wasn’t doing the trick. I decided on a Boost later before bed. I have declared that tomorrow is Elf Day, so lots of maple syrup and treats are ahead. I won’t partake in a whole roll of cookie dough, but I will enjoy a pancake for breakfast and a small bowl of non-syrup-covered spaghetti for dinner. The other elves in the house can enjoy the 4 main food groups.

I’ve spent a good amount of time in bed today. I was up and about in our bedroom sorting gifts and helping wrap gifts, but my mom and Jonathan did the most wrapping. That seemed to hit my brain pretty hard, and I got faint. So I realized that I can make myself feel bad even if I’m not pushing too hard moving around. A bit later, I took a walk up to the front of the house to do some poking around gathering some mail and bits to check off some other tasks.

Colette has been sweetly concerned when she sees me up and about, “Mama, remember the shower. Don’t overdo it.” She is a really good caretaker. I don’t want my kids to have the burden of caretaking, and I do know that, for a short time, it’s good for them to learn what it means to do so.

William has definitely stepped in to do his part as well. He’s a great delivery boy and of course a pro snuggler! When I remind him of my needs, he is so gentle and makes sure what he is doing is helpful.

It’s been an interesting day of learning my limits while knowing they will change throughout the next few weeks. I already do feel a difference in my recovery at home compared to the hospital. While it’s nice to have the special handles and the expert care, the familiarity of home with the confidence that you won’t have to wait 30min for a minor need/wish to be fulfilled make this the right place at this point in recovery.

Oh, and I did get a moment to cuddle one of my puggies. Eliza can be reliably calm. Miles, well, let’s say his thrapy dog strength is more in the bring humor to the situation.