When your puggy puppy climbs in your lap and makes herself comfortable 😍💞#elizapugilton

This “Snugglebie” turns 6 tomorrow! He’s “like a zombie but instead of brains, he needs SNNNUUUUGGGGLLLLES.” I hope #wjlacour remains a snugglebie for the rest of his life. I will happily be his victim 😍

That thing when the universe prevents you from leaving the house by hiding your key under your car. Homeschool at home today, I suppose!

After making a mess, #elizapugilton took #mynelsonboy’s advice, so she is snoozing and snoring away!

#elizapugilton couldn’t believe that #mynelson boy rolled over on his back for her. He continued to play that way with her for another 5minutes!

My Nelson Boy has been teaching Eliza the finer points of chilling out and relaxing. Today she reminded him how fun it can be to play, and my 13yr old pug got on the floor and played with her for 10min!! #elizapugilton #mynelsonboy

Weekend hot dogs 🌭 🐶 😜

Just some adorableness for your day. #elizapugilton

I have an angel, or maybe devil, on my shoulder. #elizapugilton

#elizapugilton #oldmanwinston #invinciblenelson dogs that have made permanent paw prints in my heart. Happy National Dog Day!

#elizapugilton is learning her best life from #invinciblenelson

#elizapugilton is making herself at home and starting to find her favorite spots. It hasn’t even been a week, and she fits in seamlessly to our #cleverfamily. Also, Pugilton or Hamilpug?

Puggy snuggies!! 😍😍💞 #elizapugilton

Eliza has joined our family!! Happy early Birthday to me! We are all smitten with her, except for maybe Nelson. Thanks to @cleverdevil for agreeing to bring her into our family 😍

Choice! @theroadiummarket drive-in tonight for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with @cleverdevil #clevercolette #wjlacour #saveferris

Still enjoying this guy’s cuddles. He will make his new family so happy! Let’s find him a forever home!

Leo has made himself at home on his #4days4life vacation from @arfharborshelter. @clevercolette and @wjlacour are giving him lots of love, and he’s soaking it up.

Cute, cuddly, and curious. This little guy who the shelter calls Jackson, but whom we call Leo, is hanging out with us for #4days4life He’ll make a great addition to his new family. He’s trainable and learning some manners, and we’re appreciating that he knows how to potty outside. Help him celebrate The Declaration of Independence and adopt him!

Word to the wise (or not so wise): If you go out on the balcony when you are insanely drunk, everyone can still hear you. 4AM is not the time to sing your heart out to the world off of your hotel balcony. Gypsaaaaaay. #lightsleeper #tired

Last Day/First Day. I have a 3rd grader now. #clevercolette has grown and matured in ways that I never could have imagined. Her newfound confidence has swelled my heart this year. She’s bound for big things in whatever path she chooses. 😘 to my girl

Our church affirmed the Western Jurisdiction Statement of Values. All have been and will continue to be welcome in our church. #clevercolette and #wjlacour wanted to stand proud in support of our LGBTQI friends and family 🏳️‍🌈 westernjurisdictionumc.org/wj-named-…

I helped in Sunday school today. Guess that New Testament story as captured by Teddy Grahams.

This crazy dog saw all the attention his sister was getting for her sprained thumb, so he decided to injure his leg. Giving it some time, but I’m thinking an X-ray will be in his near future. I also have suspicions that his big brother whispered in his ear that if he gets or fakes an injury he won’t have to be boarded when we go out of town. #nelsontroublelacour

Answer: A swollen and painful thumb, icing, ibuprofen, sleep, urgent care, a sprain, and a splint. Question: What describes the last 36hrs for #clevercolette and her mama.

He’s pushing 13, but I still see the puppy in him. He’s not quite as mischievous as he was in the past, however, he is every bit as much of a food-seeking missile as he has always been. Thanks for making me smile my Nelson baby!