So, this 4 week break from my last infusion has shown me that I will eventually feel more like myself post-chemo. Taste didn’t come back fully, but I have had some bites of things that have been tolerable. My hair, well, I’m not sure what post-chemo hair will look like… Fatigue, better, I think bc my red blood cells, hemoglobin, heamtocrit came up to more normal levels over that past few weeks. It’s amazing what chemo does to the body, and that the body can recover.

I am NOT looking forward to this infusion. Yes I’m glad to get back on the regimen so I can finish out these last 4 infusions, however, knowing how I am going to feel again is rough. I am not excited about it, a little depressed that I have to start back again, and hoping that in Sept/oct my scans come back clear. Because I’d really like to not ever do this again…

Alas. The infusions return. Cycle 9 starts tomorrow, which puts me to the last 3.