So my blood test results finally came back after I got a second round. The most recent ones have me at 0.5 neutrophils when I’m supposed to be at 1 and preferably higher. The current plan is that I got one injection for neutrophils Friday, and I will get a second one on Monday, after which I will head to labcorp to see if the first shot got me high enough for infusion on Wednesday. I am hopeful that it will, bc I went from 0.1 to 5 within 12hrs last time. As much as Wednesdays suck for infusion days, I really don’t want to miss infusion next week. I guess this is practice for seeing how long off of chemo it will take for me to have some recovery.

Taste is still gone, but I keep trying bites of different things that might be tolerable. So far, it’s my old reliable Granny Smith apple with peanut butter. I’m still doing 2 nutritional “shakes” a day, still no cold.

I got in trouble, kind of, Friday about my fluid intake, especially concerning my neutropenia injection and avoiding the hospital. So the plan is to have me power through some fluid intake in exchange for going to the hospital. So, yay….The good news is I calculated how much I’m actually taking in, and I’m not too far off. It could be as little as 2 8oz drinks/day to add in.

My fingers and toes have been burning more lately, but it doesn’t interfere with functioning. It’s more that I need to use soothing cream and just kind of rub my fingers together. I’ll have to start looking more into chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy. It’s definitely more consistent than previous cycles, and I’d like to avoid having it more than a few months past chemo. But, I’m still at grade 1-2, and I don’t feel much progression in feeling but progression in duration.

Fatigue is still probably the most significant side effect. I definitely have to have at least 1 long nap per day. Getting up to do tasks or just walk to the bathroom can be exhausting and my heart rate still jumps to a point that you would think I’m running a marathon. I am not running marathons. I keep seeing things that say exercise is good during chemo, but it’s pretty hard to feel like I can get that in. I do a lot of stretching my legs in bed, but I’m not sure that equates to exercise. I’m thinking maybe some ankle and wrist weights will inspire some exercises that I can do from the bed or my recliner. We shall see!!

My poor hair/scalp is not thriving. I definitely have some very thin spots on my head. Trying to wear more hats/scarves to protect it. I’d say it makes me look like I’m going through something, which I am. But there’s a part of me that doesn’t want everyone I pass by to be wondering. Maybe if I get a head covering that says, “Yes I’m in chemo for colon cancer” would make me feel better ;)

So that’s the scoop for now. Hoping for chemo infusion on Wednesday…in that make me feel bad so I can feel better kind of way.