So, I had been waiting to write an update since Sunday. We spent the week in the desert which was so wonderful. I didn’t go anywhere, but it was so nice to just stretch out and breathe easy ish out there. We had planned to go out for 4th of July, but that’s where the waiting comes in….

I had my usual bloodwork done on Friday, as is routine before infusion. Usually I get my results within 24-48hrs. Not this time. It’s Tuesday evening now after my infusion appt at 9:10am that I didn’t get to go to bc the lab messed up and took too long and still hasn’t sent results. We called and tried to get them to process in time, but no luck. So now I am pushed out again…until Monday. This means an extra week of shakes, no 4th desert trip, and my chemo won’t end until 8/12.

I had been slightly excited that my chemo would be done by my birthday, but at this point I know I won’t be feeling good for my bday, bc I’ll only be 7 days out from infusion. Pretty disappointing.

So yeah, that’s the update. It’s not a good one, but it is what it is. At least I’m not in the hospital this time…