Didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday:

Well the good news is I can eat a little bit more as of Day 11. I had a Trader Joe’s premade protein drink today at room temperature and I was able to drink 2/3 of it. Had a deli meat half sandwich, and one piece of homemade pizza. Then I finished the Trader Joe’s protein shake before bed. Today I ate a Granny Smith apple and 3/4 of banana choc chip muffin and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Maybe I’ll have a snack before bed.

Now to the subject matter: hats. “You won’t likely lose your hair, you might have some hair thinning.” Well, I definitely have hair thinning, perhaps hair loss, that remains to be seen over these next 6 treatments. I have a little bald spot on the back of my head, and quite a bit of exposed scalp along my natural part, and seemingly every other part. I don’t seem to be losing as much around the shaved part of my head, so that’s why I’m sticking with the idea of hair thinning not hair loss. I do have to say with the “hair thinning” label, I have lost more hair than I expected. My hair has been thinning just from age, so apparently the chemo is accelerating that!

Hats and me have never been a good match. I have a small head. It’s been quite the joke amongst friends that IF I want to get a hat, I have to shop in the kids section. However, less for vanity more for scalp protection, it’s time for me to break out the hats. I found two baseball type hats in the women’s section at Nordstrom rack. One actually fits pretty well; it’s a north face light weight hat. Now when it comes to wider brim hats to protect more of my skin, they pretty much all come down to my eyebrows. So, I will continue the search for the best hat for a Lacey-sized head.