It is 3:30am on Day 2. My infusion was fairly simple today. I had quick blood return so hopefully we are over that obstacle for a while. This infusion was different because I fell asleep within 30min of my pre-meds which included Benadryl. The Benadryl usually hits me with a little fog, but then I bounce back and get some scrolling and writing done. This time however, I slept basically the whole infusion time. I was fairly fatigued most of the day. But still no bedtime sleep. Everything else was typical. Cold sensitivity, spiked fingers and legs, tremors, nausea, first bite which has now evolved to first sip as well, hair “thinning.”

Today I have an appointment with my cardiologist to discuss a gene associated with some cardiac issues and to discuss my pulmonary embolism. I’ve been ordered by City of Hope to get an EKG, so I’m hoping I can just do it at the cardiologist office tomorrow. The poor doc is going to be greeted by me in all my pump day 2 glory with my bright red face. I imagine I might have some tachycardia tomorrow as well. So he should get to see a pretty full picture of my cardiac experiences.

The chemo dread was REAL this morning. I stayed in the shower longer than usual. I got dressed slowly. I generally just moved slowly. We got out early enough to make it on time. But man it was hard to walk into that building today. I was also tired because I had spent a lot of my dream state negotiating peace deals and exchanges, but it was all in the context of working these issues through with mothers. So perhaps my lack of sleep duration and restful sleep also contributed to me falling asleep this time, but I do know that I typically haven’t slept the day before infusion either. So my money is still on the Benadryl hitting hard.

Bracing for the next few days.