That thing when you have to pysch yourself up to eat a quarter of a crumbl cookie. Also, not sure if anyone reading this is responsible for sending those to us, but thank you :)

Well, infusion was a success today, however there was a delay because my port was clogged again! Apparently less than 24hrs is enough time for it to get clogged enough again. Thankfully the med was already approved, so I was able to get that quickly. It took the full 2hrs to get the blood pulled though. Pre-meds started around 12:30, and we were leaving by 4:10 post-infusion. Neuropathy kicked in QUICK! I had difficulty walking out of the office. The constant level of nausea is early this time, so I’m really hoping that my 3x/day Zofran starting tomorrow is enough this time around. Tremors are at the same level they were in cycle 2: hands, jaw(teeth chattering), and feet are the most affected. Their is also some abdominal discomfort happening. It got worse for about 2hrs post-infusion, but now feels like it did prior to this infusion.

I’m in that, “I’d like to share more about today, but controlling my hands/fingers takes enough effort for it to be tiring and my brain is tiring quickly, so I should pause for now,” state. That’s the type of listening to my body I have to do right now. Similarly, I just asked Jonathan to look through my pill box that is 3-4ft from my bedside, because it was going to be a big effort for me to get over to it. Listen to my body and asking for help file under lessons being reinforced through this. I experienced similar with those symptoms and similar last cycle. I’ll get a moment to share more later, I think.