Let’s see…we left off on the sinus headache of Day 6 and the decent Day 7. Day 8 brought a migraine. Usually when I had migraines before this, I would pop 1500mg of Tylenol and find relief for a few hours, then take another dose before bed, or add them in as pain returned throughout the day, but usually no more than 3000mg per day during migraines. However, I had been instructed to use Tylenol sparingly, so I tried. I first suffered through the migraine for a few hours, but by 4am I finally broke down and took 1000mg of Tylenol. I had relief for about 2-3hours. I waited until the 6hours since my previous dose, and I hesitantly popped in 1000mg more. That was enough relief for a bit, but by the time the pain started to return, I felt like I had taken my allotment for the day. Other remedies like cold or hot on my forehead and face, a warm epsom salt bath, and curling up in a ball trying to sleep got me through to the next day. Day 9.

Day 9 I still had a lingering headache, but not migraine level. I took another 1000mg dose of Tylenol and I added in a Zyrtec, so I felt enough relief. It was a fine day. More of a typical pre-cancer headache day. Something I could manage, even with the Tylenol restriction.

Day 10 was my oncology appt with my nurse practitioner. I had not met her before, and I came prepared with my questions and concerns. Color me unimpressed. I’m adding a separate post to provide an explanation. But the gist is, “Thank U, Next.”

Day 11 was a fine day. Some spurts of energy. Some intentional being with people. Family people. Some intentional movement. But I learned earlier in the week that if I get too excited about feeling good, and I try to be a little too productive, my temperature will rise. I got that, “I think I’m getting a fever” feeling. Fevers and chemo are NOT friends. My normal body temp is usually in that 97.2-97.7 range, so when I get to 99.0 I start to get that feeling. I laid myself down for a few hours, and eventually my temp came back down. Guess my body was saying, slow down, I’m working overtime over here.

Day 12. Today was a pretty good day. I slept horribly, but you know, when don’t I? I went to the infusion center for my blood draw. That was quick and painless even though I forgot the lidocaine for my port. It was way less stressful than going to the lab where they always try to poke my arm even when I request that they go straight for my hand. I’d say when I go to the lab I get 3 sticks. One in an arm they decided to take their chances on. One in my right hand that is hit or miss. Then finally in my left hand which is usually pretty reliable. That was my cancer excitement for the day. I watched F1 FP3, pre-qualifying show, quali, and post-qualifying show. I really like race weekends :) I also got about an hour nap in. So, one of those 80-90% days that I’ll take as a win.

I did get that reminder text for my infusion on Monday. I’d be lying if I told you my stomach didn’t sink a bit when I got it. I’ve decided that the first week felt like I had the flu (but not one of those easy flus that is apparently “just the flu”), the second week felt like the week after having the flu. I can’t say I’d recommend either, but cycle 1 of 12 is done. 11 more to go.

We will see what cycle 2 brings on Monday.