Recovery: I’ve been mostly back to moving around with a little spring in my step. My energy level isn’t quite up to snuff, and if I get a little too ambitious my body will remind me that I had major surgery 6 weeks ago. I’m incorporating more fiber back into my diet, but my body definitely is telling me when it is not happy with what went I put in it. That leads to quite a bit of discomfort.

Coming up: Next Friday I have a mammogram re-do. I had my first one about 2 weeks ago, but, as I’ve heard, it’s relatively normal to need a follow-up for clarity after the first one. The following Monday I have an appointment with a cardiologist. This is to go over a mutation that was discovered in my genetic testing. I didn’t have any of the known markers for colon cancer or other cancers, however, they did find a mutation that can indicate some concerns about my heart, specifically my aorta. The day after that is the big day. My first appointment with my medical oncologist. I have done my research and feel prepared for that appointment, but I have the feeling it will include some intense feelings. My hope for my oncology appointment is for it to be a dialogue about all of the things surrounding my treatment. I have made a note with all of my questions related to my research and test results, and I am hoping that this doctor is willing to engage in the conversation around those things. I am nervous that I will be given my two options without much discussion, but I am trying not to make negative assumptions about how it will unfold.

Oh, I suppose I should share that I got my chemo haircut. My awesome hairstylist, Holly, suggested an undercut, and it is exactly what I needed. It also allowed me to donate 10inches of my hair to the Children with Hair Loss organization. I went for adding some purple and blue (for colon cancer awareness ribbon) into my hair. The purple looks awesome. The blue didn’t take hold as much as Holly or I had hoped. I may go back to try another tone, or I might just be okay with it. Either way, I love my hair cut. It is easily managed and something that lets me take a shower without having to deal with a huge mop of wet hair. Wet hair dripping down my back gives me the heebie jeebies. I’m glad to have this step of preparation done as I await the big stuff.

The journey continues.