Post-Op Day 8 My recovery seems to be going really well. I am off of my prescription pain meds (Celebrex) as of today. I hadn’t taken the Norco since the morning after coming home last week, so post-op day 5. Last night I choked on some water and had a coughing fit. 1000% do not recommend post-abdominal surgery. As a result, I’m in more pain today, but it will be managed by Tylenol.

Food has been tolerated mostly. I’ve mostly been having crackers and cheese for lunch, and then a small portion of whatever is cooked for dinner. I am still on my low-fiber/low-residue restriction. I did get to enjoy prime rib and mashed potatoes for Christmas Dinner. Along with adding back different foods to my diet comes my bowels learning their new path. I’m going to say that has not been a very comfortable process. It’s not terrible, but takes a lot of listening to my body and what it needs to do when. You know that post-meal fatigue that can come whether you’ve had colon surgery or not? I definitely feel that a lot more. I can feel my body digesting, which is somewhat bizarre.

I was able to make it up and down the stairs for Christmas celebrations, so my mobility is good. I still have to be protective of my right side where a stitch had to be put in my muscle. If I didn’t just have a coughing fit, my right side feels like I have a constant cramp from exercising. My other incisions seem to be healing well, and I have a lot less stinging pain in them.

Mental health has been somewhat of a roller coaster, except, I can’t say there have been many high highs. I’d say the highest high was when I got my Lando Norris knitted doll for Christmas. ;) I’ve had more moments of contentedness when William comes in for a hug or snuggle several times a day. Or when Colette comes in just to be with me while I do my thing and she does hers. Or when Jonathan stays in the room with me while he watches football, and I snooze. It’s also been a feeling of security having Jonathan’s parents and my mom here to navigate these first few days. While they may not feel like they are being put to much use, just their presence has been a comfort.

I’ve had a few lows as well. As someone who tends to take on others’ stress and be as little of an inconvenience to others, it’s been hard to ask for help. If I sense a look of exasperation, I will retreat. Though those caring for me may not recognize it or feel it, I do not like feeling like a burden, and that’s what I feel like now. It’s hard for me to prioritize my health and healing over what others would like to do or see happen right now. I’m learning.

Oh, one other thing I’ve learned. I actually do a decent amount to make our household run. I may not be the best of staying on top of laundry or making sure the dishwasher is empty, but I actually do more than I thought. I can get down on myself because I wouldn’t say homemaking is my gift, however, I have realized that I do keep quite the mental load of making sure things are done and my kids are supported. It’s always nice to remember that you do make a difference even though you may not see it often.