The top level update: the tumor (and my sigmoid colon) have been removed, my pain is being managed, I’ve taken 4 walks, and I need to fart. More details below:

12/20 UPDATE: 2:01AM PT I finally got my first block of sleeping for more than an hour in. Slept from about midnight to 2am. Pain level is being managed with Celebrex and Norco to better success. I was trying to grin and bear it with just Celebrex and Tylenol, however my blood pressure spiked pretty high, which was an indicator that I was grinning and bearing a bit too much. Once I got better pain relief my BP came back down. So, lesson for future me: be honest to myself about pain level and what levels I should be tolerating. Now for the reason I was pushing through and a bit TMI, but that’s what you get with butt cancer! Norco can slow the bowel, which could delay my release from here. If you’ve never prayed for someone else to “pass gas,” now is your chance to do so. And if you have prayed that prayer in the past, well time to step up again. Send all your whoever smelt it, sbd, trumpet vibes this way. Time for 2 more hours of sleep! Oh, and to answer another question: yes I’ve been up and out of bed. I did 4 walks in the hallway yesterday like a good A+ student. And, on the 4th, i definitely knew that was the last one for the day. I’m fine-tuning that ear that listens to my body.