My CT scans show no spread of cancer 🥳 The next hurdle is surgery which is currently scheduled for 12/18. My surgeon shared a bit about the surgery itself, which is robotic, including how I will prep, and a bit of detail on what recovery looks like. The robotic surgery allows the surgeon to sample a much larger set of lymph nodes (15+) vs. the other methods (usually around 4 nodes). The larger sample size means that they are more likely to find any cancer that has made its way into the lymph nodes. If any nodes come back positive, I will need some highly targeted radiation/chemo therapy. If there are no positive nodes, then that means the cancer is extremely unlikely to return. I am truly grateful to live in a time when technology is available to have this surgical option, but I can’t say it makes me any less terrified of surgery.

 The doctor would like my surgery to be sooner rather than later, so there is a possibility that I will get in sooner. While I would definitely prefer to get this cancer out of me ASAP, it is also hard to not have a definite date. I mean, as long as I don’t catch a virus, we know my surgery will be no later than 12/18, which is wonderful to know. However, the idea that in the next 6 weeks I could get a call that says, “okay, come in next week,” doesn’t settle well with my planner brain. I’m pretty sure I’m in a season of my planner brain needing to take a back seat and go along for the ride. I’ve gotta try to trust in some other drivers for a bit.