I’ve considered coming back here to post since May. Had a whole February-April slump post ready in my head. Then came May and June, end of school chaos. I resolved to start posting again in the summer. Obviously that didn’t happen. What better motivation to return here than a much needed distraction and dumping ground for my thoughts than a cancer diagnosis?

Yep. That’s me. 42 years old with a new colon cancer diagnosis. Thankfuly the prognosis is good. Surgery is being scheduled in the next 3-4 weeks to remove the tumor and the colon section surrounding. I am being treated through City of Hope South Bay, just 5 minutes up the road. Assuming all goes well, it should be a relatively simple robotic procedure with a short hospital stay and relatively short recovery.

I am blessed with amazing family and friends who will be supporting us through this journey(?), disruption (?). Colette has made good friends in middle school, so I’m grateful that she has them. William has a handful of friends for a good distraction. He also has his best friends: YouTube and Nintendo Switch. Of course, I have Jonathan—my supportive and loving husband who is ready to run through brick walls to protect me and advocate for me. One more thing to be grateful for is good insurance. To get political, sadly that is something to be concerned about in our country.

So, here we go. Let’s see if this space can provide a place to distract from anxiety and spiraling about my future. But I might let you in on some of those times as well.