2 Day Park Hopper for Disneyland for #clevercolette birthday celebration has done me in. Introverts, 💯do not recommend. Annual pass and small doses spread apart is the better approach. I mean that is if you are lucky enough to live 40min away. Otherwise check in to a monastery post Disney vacay.

Also, I can’t tell if I like the booking Lightning Lane on the app part of the journey now. Too many decisions. Too much coordinating. Again, this is where living close with an annual pass is the best bet. It’s nice not to have to wait in line for over 30min, but I think it might add an extra element of stress when trying to be efficient with your time and amount of walking.

On that note, who is going to invent massage socks for me. Just slip them on when you tuck into bed, turn on the sleep timer, and off to dreamland. You’re welcome, go make money off of my idea. All I request is a free pair and free lifetime replacements. K, thx.