I was playing with some personality tests the other day. I like to do a check up every couple years to see if anything has drastically changed and to see what descriptions they’ve come up with for my type. I have always been typed as either INFP or INFJ. I think it depends on how overwhelmed I am with getting tasks done whether I test as P or J, but usually I’m INFP. Anyway, I’ll be posting a little more in depth about the different aspects of my personality type in the future. What I did want to capture though is this little graph. At the very bottom you will see a very accurate description of me. It’s something that I have been ashamed of because our society values ambition. But now, I laugh and acknowledge it’s truth, especially in the context of my whole person.

“How would other people describe you? Below are some common adjectives we use to talk about people’s personalities in everyday life. For each adjective, your score shows how likely it is that other people might use this word to describe your personality.”