Truly, I told myself on Wednesday, “Lacey, you have to focus on something else. It’s going to be hard because it’s award season, but you have to move on.”

I distracted myself with other projects. Colette is turning 12 in a few weeks and Jonathan and I have an anniversary in March, easy enough to get absorbed into those. F1 is starting back up in February. Less Elvis more Family and Formula 1.

And then. Then. News of Lisa Marie’s cardiac arrest. I sat with Colette about to work on math with her when I saw the news. My heart sank. I had been worried about Lisa Marie after seeing her freeze in the lights of the papparazi before Elvis’ birthday celebration at Formosa Cafe. I chalked it up to childhood trauma being triggered. I know she didn’t look well, but I also figured how upbeat can you look when you are still grieving the loss of your son? While being moved by the performance, I’m sure the movie did stir up some trauma from her life with Elvis and losing him at the tender age of 9. She had reason to be subdued. Anyway, I told Colette that I was worried. I said, “I think she’s gone. I really don’t want her to be. It’s an awful tragedy, especially considering the early deaths of her grandma, her dad, and her son.”

So here I am posting about Elvis again. I’m not going to write much, but I can’t just skip over it. My hope is that no one else in that family succumbs to broken heart syndrome however it may manifest. In my limited exposure to Riley Keough, she seems to have a good support network, and sadly she has experience living with grief. I don’t know anything about the twins, but my prayer is that they have the support needed and a good relationship with Riley.

Obviously my heart is broken for Austin Butler. All I can see right now are the scenes in Elvis when Gladys dies and when Priscilla leaves Elvis. I know that was acting, but I know it also came from a grief that he was able tap into because of his own experience. I wish he was not having to experience a similar grief again, and I am thankful he has the support to help him carry the grief. I know his fans just want to give him a group hug.

He has a few more awards shows to get through, and I know he’ll be looking up in appreciation of all those who have loved him and supported him in their lives. While he is grateful for the recognition, I know that nothing can top the approval and accolades he received from Lisa Marie and Priscilla—he has expressed as much. What a blessing for him to have those memories of Lisa Marie, but how heartbreaking that he can’t make more.

The trauma and tragedy that surrounds the Presley family is hard to bear. I’m thankful for the joy they’ve brought us in their lives, but I wish it didn’t come at so high a cost. I’m praying that the cycle will be broken with this generation.

Lisa Marie, thank you for sharing your life with us. You didn’t have to. I hope that your spirit has been reunited with your father and your son. I hope that you are able to surround your loved ones on earth with a light and love that is beyond what is possible to do while here. May they know that they will never walk alone. May your spirit know peace.