I’ll spare all the gory details for the time being, mostly because I don’t have the emotional energy to expound. Since Friday 12/16 the four LaCours have been isolating in separate rooms and masking for quick targeted ventures into common areas. The kiddos are banished to their separate rooms, @cleverdevil upstairs to the theater room, and myself in our main bedroom. (hmmm that last sentence has some ‘twas the night inspiration)

Thankfully, #clevercolette tested negative on rapid tests on 12/20 and 12/21, yet being the overly cautious person I am, we did the whole 1 negative test then 48hrs later another negative test before releasing her from her isolation. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that she would test positive today on 12/22. Well, here we are, 2 kids still testing positive and 2 adults freaked out that every throat scratch or throat clear is the sign of Covid taking us down too.

The LaCour grandparents arrived by plane today. We had made a plan for them to stay in a hotel for the first two nights in hopes that everyone here would be Covid clear by Christmas Eve. Obviously we lost that hope with #clevercolette and #wijlacour still rapid testing positive today. SURPRISE! Papa LaCour rapid tested positive for Covid upon arrival. So of the 6 LaCours that planned to gather for Christmas, 3 are Covid positive and 3 remain Covid negative. We continue to isolate from each other.

Those plans to head to Palm Desert after Christmas are looking less likely by the hour, unless 6 out of 6 of us become Covid positive. If this was the 80s and chicken pox, we’d all be partying sick or not. None of us want Covid or the prolonged isolation that will come with each new positive, not to mention the risks that Covid infection carries. Masks, tests, and isolation are the name of the game this Winter Break.

As I FaceTimed my children from my room to their separate rooms, I tried to lighten the mood with saying we know it will defintiely be a Masky Christmas. Then we decided a Masky Covidmas. And #wjlacour with his knack for word play added, “No a Masky CovidMESS!”

May your holidays be less Masky, Covidy, and Messy than ours!

ALSO, please rapid test before gatherings over the next week. Cancel plans if you have symptoms or make some sort of accommodations (masks, outdoors, ventilation). Remember, what you choose to do today affects who is exposed tomorrow and so forth.