When looking back at our crossingthestreams Christmas Challenge, I found our Christmas dinner prompt. Honestly, I was surprised that I wrote this. Color me impressed with myself.

‘Twas the day of Christmas

When an hour before dinner

Aromas were swirling

No fantasies of getting any thinner 

The Vera Wang china all pristine on the table

To keep up appearances we weren’t raised in a stable

The children both playing with their new Christmas toys

While sharing and laughing in excitement and joy 

And hubby in his apron, and I in mine too

Have been slaving in the kitchen, for an hour or two

Filet almost done after bathing for 3 hours

Casseroles made and my face covered in flour 

Over to the oven, I run in a hurry

To rescue the rolls from a hot, flaming fury

The mashed potatoes golden with melted butter

Tempt my senses as I resist with a flutter 

When I look up, the hubby is swigging a beer

And toasting his efforts with holiday cheer

Seeing such pride and feeling such verve

I know that our dinner must be ready to serve 

More rapid than wolves my children they came

And I calmed and corrected them both by name

Colette and William it’s time you settle down

Lest you want to start dinner with a sad mommy frown 

To the bathroom, wash hands!

Then sit nicely in your chairs!

Now bow your heads, fold your hands, and say Christmas prayers! 

With a blessing and gratitude and end with Amen,

Our small family gathering was free to dig in

But before our mouths were too full of christmas delights

We exclaimed in unison

“Merry Christmas to all and Bon Apetit tonight!”