You could consider it a flaw or a quirk, but I tend to have a lot of ideas that I am passionate about for a limited time only. From hashtags to websites to blogs to businesses, my mind buzzes with ideas. They tend to stay that way though, as ideas. The amount of time it takes to self-sabotage is variable. It could be a moment, a week, a few months, but usually not much longer than 6months. In no particular order, here are a few of my idea that have not come to fruition:

*Tot Book Club–In 2015, I became passionate about advocating reading to children beginning at birth. I made a website, a few social media accounts, and did a few posts and activities. This coincided with starting my own “business” with Usborne. While I love Usborne books, I am not cut out for the MLM life. My fatal flaw when it comes to ideas and ventures is that I’m not motivated to monetize them. I dropped Tot Book Club after seeing some other businesses popping up with subscription boxes. I figured I didn’t have anything unique to add.

*Remember Kindergarten–I got sick of the way people were treating each other, so I created an IG account to remind people of the simple lessons we learned in kindergarten. I had themed posts for each day ready to go, but I talked myself out of this one too.

*Insomnia Insights–just a hashtag I considered starting (?) bc all of the best ideas and wisdom come while sleep-deprived, right?

*Shower Thoughts–I created this account after, shockingly, a shower. I noticed that I do some of my best thinking in the shower. I thought it would be fun to share.

*The Power of X–I wanted to create a mentoring group for any pre-teen, tween, and teen people who identify as female. I got pretty deep into this idea, but I decided I am unequipped to start such a thing. Hello Imposter Syndrome. Buzzword I know, but its true.

*The Mind of Babes/Gaining a Window–Another case of imposter syndrome that included training in Baby Signs and holding some parent-child classes.

*Crossing the Streams–One of my favorites. My sister is equally if not more creative and full of ideas as I am. We decided to start a blog giving each other writing challenges. We got too ambitious with a 12 days of Christmas posting 12 times 12/1-12/25. We fell behind, and that was that. I still have some of those posts archived, so I’ll be sharing. Side note: we named our blog thinking of Ghostbusters and the electricity that comes when we put our minds together. I had no idea there was any other innuendo.

*Several children’s picture book ideas, some with titles and drafts–I have always wanted to write children’s books. @cleverdevil and I even came up with pen names many many years ago. I still haven’t let go of that dream/goal/passion.

*Pennies For My Thoughts–This one keeps resurfacing and taking different shapes. Basically, I thought maybe my creativity and ideas might relieve some stress for others. Some of the topics for tapping into my nisy brain included Look it up, Brainstorm, Research, Plan it, Make it happen, and a crowd-sourcing Wishing Well. Where do the pennies come in? Well I figured I’d just charge pennies for my services. Not the best business plan.

So there you have it. Some of my millions of ideas. I’ll share a bit more about them individually in future posts.