It’s time for Christmas music. I know. Some people love it and blast it on November 1st. Others restrain themselves until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Oh and then there are the ones that stick to nothing before December 1st.

Of course you have the haters. I mean it’s understandable. The same songs every year. I can imagine it gets really old really fast if you work in retail. I can definitely get in that mode of not wanting to hear Jingle Bell Rock ever again. However, I have curated a 4.5 hour playlist that I can play from beginning to end or shuffle without wanting to go Van Gogh–you know, cut my ears off.

I am not a cool kid, so I can’t share a Spotify playlist. I just have Apple Music. My playlist is a Christmas adventure from Charlie Brown to Elf to Tran-Siberian Orchestra. There are crooners, jazz greats, and gospel legends. Enjoy Pink Martini, Andrea Bocelli, Weezer, Lady Gaga, and Twisted Sister. Of course I’ve added some French carols and Elvis too.…

One last tip, check out the playlist Alternative Holiday on Apple Music.