Negative. Nasal swab results for Covid-19 are negative. Still have that sore throat, but now I can be confident that it’s allergies. Not contagious. Free to help with the kids and get snuggles from everyone in the household, including my puggies.

Right about 24hrs for results. I recognize my privilege to have been able to pay out of pocket to make this process faster. If I didn’t have the money, I could have used public health which is doing their best but in LA County you can schedule a test for the next day, then the average wait is 3 days for results. 3 days of precautionary isolation that would have added a lot of stress on my husband and the kids, but totally manageable.

We can do better for everyone. 24hrs is not bad, but let’s advocate for the logistics and technology to make it faster and widely available while not compromising reliability.