I had a really rough week. I spiraled down after saying goodbye to Winston. I started to catch a cold on Sunday, but I attacked it hard with meds and rest, because I couldn’t afford to get sick with Jonathan leaving town. I made it through Monday, and I crashed hard Tuesday. This bearded old guy took great care comforting me. I don’t think I could make it through this grief process without him. My support network, though locally thin, rallied behind me as my panic attacks reared their ugly head. @francescabella showed me true love and friendship. I am so grateful for her, and my neighbors, and my husband, and my mom, and my in-laws, and my loved@ones who supported from afar. I’m not so far down now. But I am still hurting. I think I stopped hurting enough for Nelson to start feeling the loss. He’s been down today. I’m showering him with love and attention. He’s my baby Nelson. I sure miss my Winston boy. I have happy memories. I can pull those up and smile, but I still ache if I let myself think about him too long. Grief: Day 7.