Answer: A swollen and painful thumb, icing, ibuprofen, sleep, urgent care, a sprain, and a splint. Question: What describes the last 36hrs for #clevercolette and her mama.

So proud of my #clevercolette! Her confidence and poise blows me away. I would never be able to get out there and sing my heart out like she did. She played the roles of Duloc citizen, fox, storybook princess, deer, and Young Fiona.

I am so thankful for @havenartsacademy for providing an atmosphere for #clevercolette to make friends who share her passion. She really connected with her cast mates and they were all truly supportive each other. Also I’m thankful for friends who support Colette’s passion and come watch her perform when they can 😍

She danced and sang her heart out as a featured dancer in Aladdin Jr. Though she may have been supporting the lead actors, it didn’t diminish her effort. On to Shrek Jr! #clevercolette

So proud of my #clevercolette ! She’s had a busy week and it doesn’t really stop until May 10th. Exhibition @dv_connect giving us a tour of her learning on Monday, teach week all week prepping for Aladdin Jr. @havenartsacademy, rehearsals leading up to her May 4th performance as Young Fiona in Shrek Jr, and choir rehearsals for her May 10th final recital. That little brain holds a lot in there! Love her so!