There is a little girl in our house who has been campaigning for her room for about a year. She has come up with many creative solutions from creating side of room check-ins to physical barriers. Over the past week she sneakily and slowly moved stuff into the guest room. We’re letting her keep it for a little bit, but she’s not allowed to take over the guest room quite yet. #clevercolette

In other words… from The Message. #mercytriumphsjudgement #thoughtandprayersandaction

What are thoughts and prayers with no action? Preach it Pastor Amy! #rivieraumc

This #cleverlilangel played her heart out today. @cleverdevil and I were floored at the difference in her playing. I must be a good coach ;) Way to go #clevercolette

Fine motor work with hole punch and LEGO pieces. #cleverlearning

Coached this #cleverlildude and the rest of the Kickachus today at AYSO 34. 6U soccer is fun. :) #momistired

Coaching this sweet girl in her first AYSO game today at 2. Go Violet Mermicorns!!! #clevercolette

“I’m making potions! This is science!” #cleverlildevil is doing some #cleverlearning today :)

Let the a la carte school year begin for #cleverlildevil ! The Advantage Program (performing arts academy) on Monday/Tuesday, MyEscuelita on Wednesdays, Inspire Enrichment Academy on Thursdays. Of course #clevercolette has filled her schedule as well. She has DaVinci Connect on Monday/Thursday, Advantage on Tuesdays, and The Loft Academy on Wednesdays. Who said homeschool means kids learning at home all day?! #cleverlearning

#cleverlearning field trip to Creamistry as we discuss states of matter today! Making lemon sherbet when we get home too! Learning is tasty!

#cleverlearning field trip to Creamistry as we discuss states of matter today! Making lemon sherbet when we get home too! Learning is tasty!

After her first week of homeschool, Colette has her first day on campus today. We are excited to start our DaVinci Connect and Homeschool adventure! #clevercolette #cleverlilangel

Pretty sure this was our first selfie. Before digital cameras :)

I miss you, Friends! @rainepip @ahpoole @claire.atkins @lwfulton

Breakfast with my favorite girl @clevercolette #cleverlilangel

For those following along: #cleverlildevil has been diagnosed with Abdominal Migraines with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. He will start a preventive medicine this week, and we will keeping track of any symptoms or triggers.

Getting ready to watch #clevercolette as the narrator, Peggy, and Madison in her camp performance of Hamilton Sensation. A troupe of about 10kids taking on 9 songs :)

Tried to sort out William going to the neurologist this morning. After many calls and circles, he is scheduled for Monday at 10am. Prayers are appreciated as we explore an abdominal migraines/cyclic vomiting syndrome diagnosis.

Just finished my AYSO online training. Next some field training, then I’ll be ready to coach #clevercolette and #cleverlildevil. If I can’t play, at least I can coach!

Thanks to @cleverdevil, I’ve got my account off to a good start, with all of my Facebook data migrated. Thanks, hubby 😀

15.5 years and still making me smile. Love my Winston boy!!

So we celebrated 7-11 day with our free slurpees. Colette decided that we should go to European 7-11s on November 7th, so we can celebrate twice/year. This one knows how to game the system! :) (except, I’m not so sure it’s an international franchise!)

View from William’s swim class. And Happy 7-11 Day! Yes, I fully acknowledge that I have succumb to food marketing!

So i shared this on IG and it didn’t seem to work to connect over here. Have to share Colette’s and William’s reactions to seeing these pictures.

C: Oh my gosh! That is William with piggy ponies! William! Here is a picture of you with piggy ponies! W: Huh?! How?! (Comes to look) THATS MY FACE!!! Mommy! You have MY FACE!!

He was so excited. It was precious and made me laugh out loud.

I’m so lucky to have met two real live Santas in my lifetime. I’m sure these guys are sharing stories up in Heaven.