I am so thankful for @havenartsacademy for providing an atmosphere for #clevercolette to make friends who share her passion. She really connected with her cast mates and they were all truly supportive each other. Also I’m thankful for friends who support Colette’s passion and come watch her perform when they can 😍

She danced and sang her heart out as a featured dancer in Aladdin Jr. Though she may have been supporting the lead actors, it didn’t diminish her effort. On to Shrek Jr! #clevercolette

So proud of my #clevercolette ! She’s had a busy week and it doesn’t really stop until May 10th. Exhibition @dv_connect giving us a tour of her learning on Monday, teach week all week prepping for Aladdin Jr. @havenartsacademy, rehearsals leading up to her May 4th performance as Young Fiona in Shrek Jr, and choir rehearsals for her May 10th final recital. That little brain holds a lot in there! Love her so!

Clever Lil Devil Loves Numbers

Bedtime Math—W: Mommy, how many hours are in a day and in a night. L: It’s about 12 each. W: So 24hrs total. L: Yes. W: 24+24 is 48, right? L: Yep! Can you do 24+24+24? W: Hmmmmm.it’s 24 more than 48 so.hmmmm.sixty twelve?! L: Yes, but what is sixty twelve? W: 71 L: Close W: 72! L: Yep!

I proclaim 15th wedding anniversary gift: the gift of play. The couple that plays together, stays together. How do you like to play or be playful with your SO? #nintendoswitch

I was 15yrs old in this picture, about 22 years ago. Happy 15th wedding anniversary @cleverdevil ! I love you for loving me 😘

Coming up on 15 years of marriage and 22years as a couple. Chillin’ in DTLA for a good night’s sleep and laughter with Stephen Colbert tomorrow evening.

Conclusion: I am neither artsy enough nor cat-lover enough to sit appreciate this “classic.” I will grant that i appreciated the musical arrangements and choreography, however the whole cat thing was lost on me. Still had a lovely night out with my tomcat though :) 😻

Knocked out from whining all night…you know that 4month sleep regression? I think he’s having a 16year old sleep regression. We are all tired. Yet, I still love my grumpy old man 😍

I joined a choir yesterday. I know I’m not a soloist, but singing brings me such great joy, that I need to make time for it in my life. Anyone else want to join me on Sunday afternoons? “Coach and author Rasheed Ogunlaru’s quote is perfectly suited to the world of community singing. The voice - or result of a choir singing together - doesn’t have to be flawless to produce a magical effect. The best moments come from singing together, and sometimes it really doesn’t matter what that sounds like - the feeling is much more important! “ —from starlingarts.com

Future prom date! 😍

5hrs post allergy test.

Allergy test today. That was not fun. Results: major reaction to dustmites, dander, pollen, ragweed. What have you done to treat your allergies? Anyone done allergy shots? How important is it that I don’t snuggle my dogs anymore?! Everything says I’m not supposed to, but I’m not willing to accept that. First step in plan—start migraine medication to see if that helps with the frequent headaches and as a side effect reduces allergies.

My son is charming me today. First thing this morning he hugged me and told me “You’re my universe.” Just now he snuggled up to play a game on TV and said “you’re my lucky charm.” #wjlacour

Honus, hotels, and hula. #thisis8 #clevercolette

7 years later and still putting herself in boxes. #clevercolette

Found a gem in Kaanapali! @slappycakesmaui yummy breakfast and make your own pancakes. @cleverdevil nailed Pikachu on his first pancake art attempt. #cleverfamily

And then it started raining…not many people get rained out of a luau! All was better the next day with a day spent at the pool with our island friends! #clevercolette #wjlacour #cleverfamily

Candy leis, lunch time fun, luau experience. Making memories 😍 #cleverfamily #clevercolette #wjlacour

Still mastering this vacation thing. #clevercolette #wjlacour

Vacation game is strong with this one. #cleverfamily #clevercolette

Snuggliest Puggliest. 😍💞

Ready for our last concert of 2018. Global music genre performed by true musicians. @pinkmartini

Couldn’t fall asleep last night bc I had this Handel’s Messiah song in my head! 🎶 and his name shall be call-ed 🎶 #westminstermessiahalum

Christmas Eve traditions. #wjlacour leaning into our Chinese food dinner. Christmas Eve service ending with candlelight singing of joy to the world in front of @riviera_church. Christmas Eve pajamas with a Redondo Beach theme this year. And of course the reading of The Night Before Christmas. #cleverlacours #clevercolette I love doing life with @cleverdevil