Doctor has ordered a weekend of supportive care for bronchitis and sinusitis before starting antibiotics on Wednesday, if possible. I am supposed to stay in bed with a throat lozenge for the next 48hrs, and assault my germs with the meds listed. No talking. Room temperature or warm liquids. No coaching tomorrow for last game of the season :/

I voted. I researched, and I voted. As a Christian, I voted for candidate that would uphold Christian values. People who will pass policies that take care of the poor and the weak. I voted for people who will pass policies that show love and respect for all of God’s image bearers. I don’t know if any of the candidates i voted for are Christian or go to church, but I do know that they will shift our country towards fulfilling the greatest commandment, which is love.

A bientot, @camillerxmr We love you! Thank you for being our au pair extraordinaire, big sister, and little sister!

Funbox Part 4

Funbox Part 3

Funbox Part 2. I did appreciate the angel wings :)

Funbox part 1. Advertised as a celebration of toys and making all of your 5 year old child fantasies come true. Meh. It was fun-ish. However it was mostly about photo-ops. It was a good cultural study into the idea of doing things for the photos not for the experience. There were fleeting moments of pure joy, but really it was a quick run through to taking the next photo. Do the photos tell the same story? Or does it look like it was the best most experience?

Bring it, November. This is the first year that I’ve wanted to start Christmas early, however I am committed to the spirit of Thanksgiving. For the past few years I’ve tried to figure out how to respectfully celebrate Thanksgiving. I’ve landed on a month of Thanks and Giving, along with learning more about Native American history. I’ve got my playlist of giving, friend, home, blessing, family, and gratitude songs ready. I’ll be exploring Native American music as well. Please share any recommendations. Dare I bring back my mission? #reclaimnovember

Played with face tattoos and filled in with some make up. Filter makes it look like I put some white base, but I did not. Happy Halloween! Maybe I can sleep in this and be ready for tomorrow too!

Saw some new and familiar faces in the bathroom stall while waiting for Colette. 💩 🤖 🤢 🤥😦 #theyrealwayswatching #iseefaces

Disneyland with our au pair extraordinaire turned family. #licornecamille #clevercolette #goofyfaces

The value of money…the price of beauty. We split the cost $30 for me, $35 for her. #clevercolette #cleverlearning

How a princess gets ready :) #clevercolette

Animation academy. Zero. #cleverlearning

YES education field trip at Disneyland. Designing a story. We learned about rudimentary animation as well. Made our own tomograph and 1/12 second animation. #clevercolette #cleverlearning

Excited for our first YES Disneyland Field Trip. #clevercolette #cleverlearning

October fun this weekend. Pumpkin patch hunt at South Coast Botanic Garden. Nightmare Before Christmas @hollywoodbowl Dia de Los Muertos Celebration in San Pedro. 👻💀🎃

Sometimes life sucks and you have to take one for the team. Jonathan needed a spa day, and I joined him. Poor me ;) wonderfully relaxing.

Came home just in time to watch the webcast and go outside to see the Falcon 9 rocket launch. One of the most amazing things I’ve seen! And a successful landing on land! The future is crazy!!

About an hour after I looked at the first picture appreciating that it had been 5 years since we came home from the NICU with William, he decided to make a return trip to the hospital. He got a good gash just above his left eye after a fall onto the corner of a vicious chair. He was amazingly brave after we got the blood to clot. So brave that the nurse couldn’t believe that he had his 4 stitches finished because he was so quiet. William matter of factly told her “that’s because I was talking to myself in my brain.” #cleverlildevil

32 Days. Vote. #fixit…

Thank you @normissweetestcookies for the amazing birthday cookies for #cleverlildevil

A toast to the birthday boy!

He’s a handsome #cleverlildevil

#wjlacour is 5 today! How did that happen?! He’s a green-loving, snuggly, knowledge-seeking, charming little boy. We are so blessed to have him as our precious boy. He is one #cleverlildude