What a day!!! William got his oxygen nasal canula out this and his arterial IV out this morning. So we got the go ahead to attempt nursing. He was too tired on the first attempt but did well on the second, then by the 3rd attempt he was too exhausted. He did drink about 10mL out of a bottle but was not ready to eat again 3hrs later.

I was discharged this morning and given my flu shot on the way out. I had planned to commit to 24hrs of attempting latching, but the flu shot got the best of me. Instead I am home hoping to get some sleep so I don’t feel more crummy tomorrow. I am trusting that William will get in a few breastmilk bottle feeds overnight, so that they can back off the IV fluids, and I will actually have a hungry baby to try to encourage a breastfeeding relationship with.

William had some great open eye moments today, and he enjoyed his transfer ride up to the less intensive neonatal unit. We are really beginning to see who he is even before he’s home.

Mommy is exhausted with that post flu shot headache on top of postpartum recovery. So here’s to hoping for a good nights sleep full of peaceful rest and confidence that all will be well at the hospital over night.