Today’s use of the scientific method:

Question: is Sharpie really permanent?

Gather information: Pins on Pinterest say no. The marker itself says yes.

Hypothesis: sharpie colored on glass can be removed by coloring over it with dry erase marker

Method/procedure: 1. leave Colette alone for two minutes 2. Return to her saying “surprise! I drawed for you.” 3. Look at coffee table and scream “no!” 4. Dash to find dry erase marker 5. Color vigorously over sharpie with dry erase marker 6. Wipe both colors off of glass

Data/observations: Colette can find a sharpie in 2 seconds flat Colette can draw a masterpiece in 2 minutes Sharpie disappears from glass with the use of dry erase marker over top of it

Conclusion: Sharpie is not permanent as it indeed can be removed from glass. Also, Colette is a mischief ninja.

Retest: no thank you!