So far the routine has been: wake up with contractions 7-8min apart, time them for 30min, take 2 procardia, time contractions as they speed up for 30min to 6-7 min, then watch them taper offer the next 1.5hrs to 10-15min apart, have 3-5hrs of 15-20min apart contractions, repeat the 7-8min apart beginning of cycle. Sleep through the night restlessly (think having a belly ache through the night but you’re so tired it doesn’t keep you awake, just uncomfortable), wake up to contractions 7-8min apart.

Thankfully most of the contractions are not painful more like really uncomfortable (think holding plank for 30sec-2min).

I am heart-ready for this guy to come, but staying strong and disciplined because I don’t want to play with risk factors or complications. Come 1 week from now, I will resume a relatively normal routine, with more resting but not majority of the day bedresting. We’ll see how long he stays in after that.