I commented on a post that was outraged about the Lenox intersection blacklivesmatter protest. The post-er said it was a dumb way to protest pissing off “the people they want on their side.” I explained that actually the purpose was to make it so people would stop turning a blind eye bc it doesn’t affect them.

The following comment response is what is wrong with America. It breaks my heart. How do you reason with ignorance?

“IF MICHAEL BROWN HAD NOT STOLEN PROPERTY FROM A STORE MINUTES PRIOR, he’d still alive. The issue needs to be addressed by these kids parents at home from a young age, and that issue is STOP COMMITTING CRIMES, then always playing the ‘race card’ when you think it’s beneficial. No one gave a shit about the white kid killed by police 2 days later. Where was the president, rioters, protestors and idiots who know nothing about it dancing around then? No where to be found. Yes, there is a race issue in America, but I’d say over half of the accusations, instances and personal feelings towards such are 100% justified, given the circumstances and the fact that the crime rate in the black community far out ways that of every other community in this country So they want change? Then start if in the home, with the kids.”