Grandaddy Billy went Home this morning. His incredible spirit will be missed here on Earth and cherished in Heaven. Grandaddy made sure to connect with everyone he interacted with whether it be the butchers and bakers at Kroger, the waitresses everywhere he ate, the pharmacists and cashiers at Publix, the people waiting in line with him wherever he was, or the entire staff, especially the kitchen staff, at Canterbury Court. He impacted so many different people with his kind eyes and contagious smile, with his jokes and stories, and with his willingness to listen to anyone’s own story.

He was always good for giving us a laugh. He serenaded us in his opera voice with songs we all know or with songs he made up. He pulled his pants up high and acted silly. He took his bridge out and gave us a sneaky, goofy smile. A joke or funny moment was never lost on him.

Yet he was a sensitive soul. You’d see his heart through his tears as he read a sweet hallmark card or made a heartfelt toast at the dinner table or at a big party. And there is absolutely nothing like a Grandaddy Billy hug.

Today the angels welcome an amazing spirit. And we stay here on Earth mourning our loss and cherishing his legacy.

I pray that William Jonathan LaCour has even just a dollop of William Jonathan Barnes’ spirit; Lord knows his Daddy does.

We miss you and rejoice with you Grandaddy!