Before she fell asleep, Colette supposedly had to empty her colon. 15 min later I found her standing on the toilet seat playing with her bows. I firmly told her to sit down and go potty. That was not received well as she proceeded to mumble angrily and shout one liners to me.

A few minutes later, I heard, “oh no it fell in the toilet.” As I run to see what she dropped I hear the toilet flush. We proceeded to have the following dialogue about her bow that she flushed down the toilet: C:Through tears “but where did it go” L: “Down through the pipes.” C: “To the ocean?” L: “Yes, well really to the water treatment plant” C: “What will happen to it there?” L: “Well they clean the water and get all the yucky stuff out, so they will probably throw it in the trash” C:“But I don’t want it to go in the trash. It was my special black bow”

Realizing reality was not going to go over well, I tried another tactic: L: “Ok, well maybe a fishy will find it and wear it.” C: “But fishies don’t have hair!”

Apparently humor was lost at this point. The conversation continued. She ended up calming down enough to agree to find a new special black bow tomorrow. Mostly I love that the only ridiculous thing about a fish finding a bow and wearing it is the fact that they don’t have hair…