At MOPS yesterday, we discussed where we put our identity be it tasks, to do lists, productivity, relationships, or somewhere else. I know I put my identity often in my relationships like who I am as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I’ve continued to ponder over the past 24hrs, yet I can’t seem to organize my thoughts about my identity.

Here are things I know that have changed and have caused me to try to discover my current identity: 1. Becoming a mother 2. No longer teaching 3. Moving away from family, childhood/college friends 4. Moving from where I spent 28 formative years of my life

Here are things that have stayed consistent 1. My amazing husband who I’ve known and loved for 17 years (seriously??) 2. My desire to be a stay at home mom 3. My desire to help others in any capacity that I can (my capacities have become a bit more limited with 2 kids) 4. My love for my friends and family no matter where they are or I am

What does that mean for my current identity? I’m not sure, but I’m putting this out there for insights or just getting it out of my head so I can quit thinking about it.